9 interesting facts about Vegas

There is one phrase that best describes the life energy of this city in the desert: “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. From the neon lights on the buildings through the luxury buffets to the models of some of the wonders of the world, Las Vegas will surprise you with some interesting facts.

Enormouss size of the buildings

The sphinx and the Pyramind

Like the Egyptian pharaohs, who sought to impress with the size of their pyramids, the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas is famous for being built in the shape of a huge pyramid. It is covered with a glass in a bronze tone. And here are the models of the Sphinx, with a nose and an obelisk. The entrance of the hotel was completed in 1993 and can hold nine Boeing 747s. The size of the entrance can envy even kings – there is are lights at the top of the Pyramid that produce light beam straight up. It is claimed to be the brightest light in the world.

Vegas is a gambling paradise

Gambling paradise

Las Vegas has always been a center for gambling, at least if we’re talking about a legal case, of course. It originated in 1905, but this activity was prohibited in 1910 by the federal anti-gambling law. This led to the formation of such illegal business in 1931, when the state legalized it. The city continued to evolve to the form that we know today. Interestingly, today the Nevada laws do not allow the lottery, which is considered illegal. There have been numerous attempts the lottery to be allowed, but there was no such approval yet, although there are raffles, organized by church and charitable foundations.

There are insufficient vacatn rooms

The total number of rooms available at the hotels in Las Vegas is over 130,000. Only the four of the big hotels – New York, New York, Tropicana, Excalibur and MGM Grand have more rooms than the hotels around San Francisco. These rooms are not just for showing off, because most of the time about 90% of the them are occupied.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas main boulevard has a length of 6.8 km and is called The Strip. But it is not in city. Las Vegas stretches to Sahara Avenue and The Strip is part of two municipalities, which are not in the city – Winchester and Paradise. They are part of Clark district, Nevada. Eighteen of the largest hotel buildings in the world are on this road, and most of the properties are actually miles away from the boulevard.

Neon City

The city is full of bright lights that flash, move and are everywhere. The electrically illuminated signs are an essential part of Las Vegas. One of the symbols of the city is the giant neon cowboy Vegas Vic. There are over 15,000 neon lights all over the city. There is even a museum made about this. It is called Neon Museum.

Profits in Vegas


The largest profits in the casinos, strange as it sounds, are not realized at the poker tables but the slot machines. The profits from these machines are about 60% of the total casinos, but can be more. There may be days without winning or someone can be lucky and hit two quick jackpots in a very short time. The slot machines are generally designed on the model of the Liberty Bell, invented in 1899 by Charles Fey.

The famous Las Vegas weddings

Las Vegas is a destination for both traditional and unusual weddings. Daily an average of 500 couples gets married here. And the annual number of marriages is more than 100 000! All options are available if the couple decided to marry in the city. A special attraction is the ability clone of Elvis Presley to be the witness. You only have to show ID, to have twenty minutes and $55.

Gourmet adventure

The city is known for its abundance of food. You can eat everything here – from simple burgers to fine dining. In most casinos the guests eat for free or there is cheap food. For example, the amount of shrimps that are consumed per day in Las Vegas is equal to the amount that is consumed per day across America.

Highest observatory tower in USA

Stratosphere Tower is 350 meters high and offers panoramic views of the city and Las Vegas surroundings.
It is the highest in the United States of America Observatory Tower and the highest structure created by man in the country, west of the Mississippi River. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 265 meters.

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