Las Vegas Shows

The city of Las Vegas is known throughout the world for its mega resorts. But the reason why those resorts are so famous is not for the gambling. It is for the shows.

The Las Vegas shows have some of the most outrageous acts and most famous performers in the world. They are as varied as the people that attend them, and there are certainly shows for all people of all ages and tastes.

While a great deal of them are adult themed, there are many that are geared towards the families. For example. Mystere, performed by the Cirque du Soliel. This is a classic performance with impressive costumes and amazing feats, filled with humor for the whole family. Another show is the Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. It is performed by a man who has trained his furry companions all sorts of tricks to delight and amaze people of all ages. The most interesting fact about them being that he trained them all after rescuing them from animal shelters.

Of course, the city of Vegas itself is geared towards adults, so many of its shows are too. Like Absinthe, which is considered to be the world’s sexiest adult themed circus and Zumanity, which is best left to the imagination. There are also a great number of famous musical acts and comedians as well. There is even a regular Las Vegas show featuring the world famous magician David Copperfield. Another famous act in Las Vegas is the Blue Man group, which may seem plain, but this act has continued for more than twenty years due to their ability to make people laugh and think at the same time.

Some of the famous musicals includes a rendition of the book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Telling the story of a group of people who want to keep a brothel open, despite a tv preacher calling it the devil’s playhouse. There are also some performances that call to mind entertainment from an earlier time, like the Grand Ol’ Vegas Revue. This show mimics the vaudeville theater of the early 1900s, with laughter and unforgettable performances. We cannot forget to mention some of the mystery dinner shows in Vegas either. One in particular, Marriage Can Be Murder delights many of its guests. This type of show brings those who attend into the action to help solve the case over a delicious three course meal, and the “murderer” can be the person sitting next to you! Of course, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The shows in Vegas change frequently, though there are some that have been around for decades, so you never know what kind of entertainment you might find. There is quite literally a different show for everyone, and it is a guarantee that no matter the tastes of the people, they will find a show that will amaze them.