Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

As one of the best cities for entertainment in the world, Las Vegas is full of numerous interesting attractions for every visitor. These can be hotels and casinos, or other interesting buildings and imitations of famous statues, towers, monuments, and more.

But there is one place in the city that definitely attracts a lot of people – Las Vegas Strip. This is the main boulevard, which hosts most of the famous and luxurious hotels, casinos, shops, museums, galleries. It has everything for everyone.

Here are some names of hotels along the boulevard, which almost everyone has heard:

  • Bellagio – with its famous fountain the hotel attracts thousands of people every day who want to watch the show.
  • Luxor – hotel, which has the shape of a pyramid and whose apex has an intense beam pointing to the sky.
  • MGM Grand – a famous hotel, at which some of the biggest boxing matches and concerts of famous singers and musicians are organized.
  • Stratosphere – the hotel that has a rollercoaster on its roof .

We can talk a lot about the attractions that are located on the Las Vegas Strip, but it’s a better idea if you see them by yourself. And do not forget to use the map of Las Vegas Strip, which is pretty useful if you have never been there before. It will save you time and headache when it comesto public transportation and hotels.

Map of Las Vegas Strip Hotels

Las Vegas Strip map

Each and every year millions of tourists visit Las Vegas. And we can say that many of those people stay on the Las Vegas Strip. And there is a reason – there are plenty of hotels, landmarks and things to do. Their time is spent mostly within The Strip, inside the hotels and casinos, shopping centers and visiting the attractions the city has to offer. And if you are one of those people staying there, here is an overview of what you can see.

In the beggining there was not much activity here. The first casino was build in 1931 and this is the time when Las Vegas Strip was not visited as today. However, today all attractions are located on this 4-mile section of the city, which is part of the Las Vegas Boulevard South. From one to the other end there are famous hotels and casinos, restaurants, plenty of shopping centers and entertainment opportunities.

There are many hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. All of them offer great service and amenities. Here are some of the most famous hotels that people see even in television shows and movies: Bellagio, MGM Grand, Luxor, New York New York, Circus Circus, Treasure Island, Ceaser Palace. These are one of the greatest hotels which we can say that are also Las Vegas landmarks.

There is plenty of shopping to do on the Las Vegas Strip also. And here are some of the most know shopping places: Via Bellagio, Grand Canal Shops at The Venetian, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas Outlet Center.

As you can see Las Vegas Strip has to offer a lot, and most probably this is the reason it is visited by millions of tourists every year!

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