Morrow Royal Pavilion – building made out of 500 000 recycled beer bottles

Morrow Royal Pavilion
A design company specializing in environmentally friendly architecture, found use for many empty bottles, discarded from Las Vegas restaurants and build for the largest building in the world made ​​entirely of recycled beer bottles.

The Morrow Royal Pavilion has an area of ​​2,787 square meters. 500,000 bottles of beer were used for its construction. Their total weigh 132 is tons. They were crushed and processed into composite material called “green stone” which contain ash.

Almost every element in it – from the columns to the balustrades, is made out of a glass component. The recycling bottles have saved 305,000 square meters of landfill space. This equivalents to eight football fields.

Most of of the building is built manually. It was completed by the entrepreneur Scott McCombs and several workers for a year. Its facade is inspired by an English manor house, which is on the cover of the album “Hot Rocks” by “The Rolling Stones”.

The building is used by the design company “Realm of Design”, which designed it.

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